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John and Shawna Edwards

Shawna Edwards is a composer who loves to share her faith in Jesus Christ through her music. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Shawna starting writing songs at about the age of ten years old. She earned a music degree from Brigham Young University after taking classes for a number of years. Her songs include, “Because,” “Choose Him Again,” “Come unto Christ,” “Coming Home,” “He Knows,” “Do You Have Room,” “Everything Speaks His Name,” “I See a Hero,” “Fire of the Covenant,” “I Will Shine,” “More than Enough,” and “I’d Sing You a Song. She has about 30,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and over 14 million views.

She has always wanted to be a wife and mother instead of having a career, but she has noticed that “along the pathway of family life, I’ve found a few little gems of personal opportunity, and I’ve had some great experiences while pursuing them.”[1]

She and her husband, John, have five children.