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Book of Mormon Sherem
Sherem is a character from the Book of Mormon. Known as the first "antichrist" spoken of in the text, Sherem is known for preaching to the people of Nephi that there is no Christ. His skill and flattering words led to many being deceived. Then he encountered the prophet Jacob. Sherem engaged Jacob in a debate, only to be confounded by him. Finally, Sherem asked Jacob for a sign proving that there is a Christ and God. Jacob pronounced that the sign would be shown immediately, and Sherem was struck down on the spot. After many days of being nursed, Sherem requested an audience, whereupon he confessed that there is a Christ and that he was deceived by the power of the devil. His final remarks were expressions of regret over leading so many people astray and wishes for salvation. He then died. [1]

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