Shiblon, son of Com

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The Book of Mormon
Shiblon is a character briefly mentioned in the Book of Mormon. He is mentioned in two parts of the Book of Ether, however he is referred to in one as "Shiblom." From his family history, however, you can deduce that they are the same person. Shiblon was a ruler over the Jaredites, having inherited that position from his father Com. His reign over all of the Jaredites ended when his brother rebelled against him. This created two factions in the Jaredites, which would end up fighting each other, until the Jaredites were completely destroyed. During Shiblon's reign, more and more prophets came warning of this impending destruction. While some repented, the majority sought the lives of the prophets. Shiblon's brother was one of these, ensuring that all the prophets were destroyed out of the land. Shiblon would suffer a similarly violent demise, by being slain in the chaos that followed his brother's rebellion. [1]

He is also noted in the genealogy of Ether listed in the Book of Ether as being an father of Seth and the son of Com. [2]