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Shirley Sealy Mormon Author

Shirley Mae Phippen Sealy is a prolific writer and is considered a pioneer in Latter-day Saint fiction. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sealy was born in Rupert, Idaho, in 1922 and was raised and educated in Logan, Utah. Following her marriage, she began writing on a regular basis, primarily articles for magazines produced by the Church of Jesus Christ. She wrote romantic novels and continued when she saw that her daughters and their cousins enjoyed reading her manuscripts.

Sealy and a few others, such as Susan Evans McCloud and Jack Weyland, inaugurated the popular Mormon novel in the 1970s and 1980s. Her first book, Beyond This Moment, was rejected. She submitted it fourteen years later—1977—and it was accepted and printed with an initial 10,000 print run. Others of her seventeen popular titles include Only with Love, Forever After, A Time for Winning, To Save a Life, I Have Chosen You, A Summer to Sing About, Sunset Tomorrow, and The Beginning of Forever.

She has written fiction and nonfiction, stories, and roadshows. Sealy taught community education classes on writing and spoke at many church firesides.

Sealy married Leon Milton Sealy in 1941. He passed away in 2011. They had five children. At age 91, she is living in an assisted living center.