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One question I have about callings (and could probably be answered quite readily by an ecclesiastical leader) is: what are the worthiness standards for callings. Obviously, some callings, such as High Priest Group leader or Bishop or Relief Society President merit worthiness, but what about hymn book gatherer? Are there callings that can be used to bring black sheep back to the fold?

Svid, (you should generally sign your comments on talk pages) that's a good question and highlights the fact that we don't really have a page yet on disfellowshipment or even church discipline generally, though excommunication has been covered briefly.
There are many callings that are available to those who might have worthiness or inactivity issues (though inactivity certainly limits the ability of a ward to really depend on an individual for anything crucial). The only thing that I'm aware of that would really get in the way of one's overall ability to hold a calling would be disfellowshipment. Not being an expert on that subject, however, I leave it to others (and best someone with a good leadership handbook available; read:probably the bishop) to expound.
That said, I'm fairly certain there is not an official list of worthiness standards that must be met for callings. This is because that there are very many callings that don't even have an official recognition. (Hymn book gatherer for instance.) Callings are very often created simply to fill a need (which is sometimes nothing more than to get a person a calling). That said, the worthiness requirements of callings are generally just an outgrowth of the need to assure that the individual performing the calling can actually function to meet the need the calling is designed to meet. (Clearly that sometimes implies spiritual worthiness, and sometimes the obvious need isn't the one that most needs to be filled.) Though some callings certainly do require certain worthiness standards be met.--Seanmcox 22:02, 26 August 2007 (MDT)