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How soon after baptism may a new convert be ordained to the office of high priest? It is customary to bestow the Aaronic Priesthood upon a man and ordain him to the office of priest the same day he is baptized, and there is verifiable precedent where one has been baptized and ordained an elder the next morning. But can a man be ordained directly to the office of high priest (bypassing the office of elder altogether), and if so, how soon after baptism?

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Brother Ercanbrack

I believe it is possible, but I am not aware of it happening. I expect the soonest it would happen would be within a year or so, but am not aware of any guidelines. Anyone have a Bishop's Handbook? User:Reds0xfan

I beleive it is possible to ordain someone to the aaronic priesthood the day they are baptized. However as far as I know you are not to be interviewed until you are baptized so if the handbook is followed that is rare.

On my mission it was not uncommon for people to get baptized and confirmed then ordained a priest so they could baptize the remainder of there family. However our Mission President cracked down on that practice but said people should be ordained within 10 days of baptism. Likewise someone is not supposed to be baptized on wednesday so they can be ordained Sunday and baptize the rest of there family then. That has been a practice too on my mission but from what I read in the handbook that isn't supposed to be done.

AS for high priest in order to go to the temple you have to be a member for at least a year however I think you can receive the Melchezediz Priesthood in a few months. A high Priest is an administrative calling so I don't think there is a time for that as most people are ordained Elders anyway.

On another note people are ordained high priests when they are called to serve in Bishopric's and High councils. However I wonder what the age is when someone is to be ordained a High Priest who has never served in those calling's. There are several Elder's in my ward in there 50's. I don't think there is an age but am sure that in your mid 50's if you haven't had a calling that required you to be a high priest then the Stake President will ordain you one at that time.

It seems like people that are baptized in there 60's usually at least meet with the high priests right away. However in the temple someone that passed away is ordained to the office of an Elder so holding the Melchezedik Priesthood is a requirement for exaltation not holding a specific office in the Melchezedik priesthood. (=usersouthidaho=)