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What are criteria for writing individual biographies of members of the Quorom's of the seventy on here. I wrote several bio's at wikipeia of seventies. I don't think every person that served in that capacity will receive an article as there are many brethern that served in that capacity.

However one's that were well known maybe folk heroes, Ones that served long had influence and wrote many books or ones that were well known for being first from there country, ethnic group or general area may be worthy of articles I think.

That's an interesting policy question. Personally I would think it reasonable to write about any seventy you personally considered worth writing about. It would seem to me a difficult thing to formulate a policy on. Maybe we can get some More Good Foundation staff attention over here. At the same time I'd like some attention paid to some questions I asked here and here. --Seanmcox 15:06, 30 September 2007 (MDT)

Seanmcox and SouthIdaho can you send me your email? Write to: [email protected] and "[email protected]".

We would like to resolve this problem.