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Good additions, I didn't really try to clean this up, just moved it from the Elohim page. It's better, but needs more... after all, there are several ways in which the plurality of gods comes up, in the godhead/trinity, in the way in which we become like God, in the way the word Elohim is used in the OT for angels, in the way that many LDS believe that God was once like us (did He have a Father/God?) etc etc. We should address all of them separately and distinctly. --Jlc46 23:09, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

Yes, yes. And I wish that you would do that (in all your spare time). I'm writing some pieces for a couple of other More Good Foundation websites right now, so I'll have to get back to this worthy article later. Hopefully, by then, you'll have transformed it into a masterpiece. Since most of the people searching the wiki are non-Mormons, it would be helpful to have a really good coverage of this principle, which looks pretty weird from the outside in. Gboyd 16:49, 4 August 2008 (UTC)