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The Atomics Mormon Musicians

The Atomics is a family band comprised of model Lucky Blue Smith and his older sisters Pyper America, Daisy Clementime, and Starlie Cheyenne. They formed the band when he was ten years old and their father, Dallon, taught them how to play the instruments they were given as Christmas presents when Lucky Blue was about six or seven. Pyper got a guitar, Daisy a bass, Starlie a guitar, and Lucky Blue a drum set. Their mother, Sheridan, helped them with costumes. Dallon writes music for the band.

They have an affinity for 50s surf music and started playing at car shows and fairs soon after their formation. Their first show was on the city library steps. They have played surf songs from the albums “Fever,” “Wipe Out,” and “Pipeline,” among others.

In March 2015, they made their concert debut at a Prom Girl fashion show in New York City. They are set to release an album at the end of 2015. They have released a single, “Too Late.”

The family now resides in Los Angeles, California, but is originally from Spanish Fork, Utah. They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.