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(See Iron Rod for the usual meaning as mentioned in the Book of Mormon).

The Iron Rod is the name of a radio show out of Boise Idaho that officially represents the LDS Institute of Religion on the Boise State University Campus, and unofficially represents The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Iron Rod is played on AM 730 in Boise, AM 1450 in Twin Falls, and on FM 89.9 in McCall. They also have their show being podcasted on their site,, and on iTunes.

The Iron Rod has been broadcasting since March 2004. With a built-in audience at the LDS Institute of Religion on the BSU campus, they quickly became one of the most listened-to student radio shows on the University Pulse. They give Institute announcements and activities, Church news, Family Home Evening ideas, dating ideas, special interviews, CD reviews, and all kinds of things. Most of all, they play great LDS and other contemporary Christian artists from all around the nation.

The Institute has had a radio show in the past, and Rob Ormond, (Co-Producer of the show) wanted to start it again! Their first show aired on March 7, 2004. First, the show started with three hosts, Ben Johnson, Rob Ormond, and Ben's brother, Randy. Back then, The Iron Rod was a half-hour weekly show. After a while, Randy dropped out and it was just Ben and Rob. Ben and Rob continued to improve and to take The Iron Rod to the next level. On September 26, 2004, The Iron Rod went to an hour-long weekly show.

Soon The Iron Rod got it's own Website, began contacting record labels and distributing companies to increase their music library, and even were being contacted for promotional events like handing out tickets for events in the valley just like "big-time" radio shows, and giving away CDs. Even a bit of advertising from Deseret Book was pursued. Soon, Ben and Rob started the Iron Rod Radio Committee at the Institute and added more people and resources to The Iron Rod's arsenal. Soon "Best of" shows were being produced and distributed, and listener e-mails began to come in.

The crowning moment for The Iron Rod is when they registered the domain "" and set up their Iron Rod Podcast. Soon they were posting all kinds of shows, downloads, and videos for everyone to download. The Website has become just as important as the show itself. The Website offers links to the Church's Website, the Institute's website, music/video and other downloads, the podcast, information on the radio committee at the Institute, playlists, information on the producers, Iron Rod news and current events, contest information, ways to contact Ben and Rob, and fun things to do.

Contact: Ben Johnson [email protected] Rob Ormond [email protected]