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Thom Duncan Mormon Author

C. Thom Duncan is a technical writer and playwright. He was born in South Gate, California. He earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from Brigham Young University. While working as a technical writer, he also wrote plays geared toward members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which he is a member. His titles include A Sceptre, A Sword, A Scented Rose; And Some Cried Fraud!; Let There Be Love; and Matters of the Heart. Matters of the Heart won an award for Best New Play of the Year in 1985 from the Utah Valley Theatre Guild and is anthologized in Saints on Stage. He was a lyricist and playwright for Prophet and The Tymes of All Eternity. His plays are represented by Zion Theatricals. After retiring in 2013, he has continued to write and is working on turning his one-man show “Preposterous Parley P” into a musical.

He has written two technical books about Novell software and has written several screenplays that have not yet been produced. He has written short stories and three novels: Moroni Smith in the Land of Zarahemla, Moroni Smith in Search of the Gold Plates, and Moroni Smith and the Sword of Laban. He has also written under the pseudonym Halig Scippend.

In September 2005, Duncan and J. Scott Bronson formed the Nauvoo Theatrical Society[1] in Orem, Utah, in the hope to produce the plays of Latter-day Saint playwrights. The Society was short-lived due to limited means and other issues. But, according to author Mahonri Stewart, it continues to exist “in the minds, hearts and perspiration of its creators Scott Bronson and Thom Duncan.”[2]