Travis and Holly Hancock

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Travis and Holly Hancock are the creative minds behind Facade Games. They launched their first game, Salem, in 2015. In 2017, Tortuga 1667 premiered.

As a child, Travis and his large family loved playing games. He and his brothers had adapted a favorite game by adjusting the rules and then ended up making their own game.[1] After marrying, Travis and Holly created their first game.

Inspiration for their first game, Salem, originally started with ideas from the game Mafia, a social-deduction game in which each player tries to identify the roles of the other players. Travis had created a Harry Potter version of Mafia with friends during one summer in Alaska and then changed it to a game called City. After meeting his wife and working on the game together, the game took on a new theme: the Salem Witch Trials.

Travis was formerly a digital marketer and Holly taught fourth grade. They set aside those careers when their game startup company took off with the help of Kickstarter. Their third game, Deadwood 1876 was released in 2018. Bristol 1350 followed, with Trophies as their fifth game. Trophies was originally created in 1985 by Travis’s parents.

Their games are created at their home in Ohio and are available through their website, on Amazon, or with various retailers.

The Hancocks are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have three children.