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Troy Dunn Mormon Television Personality

Troy Dunn is an American television personality and producer who has focused his programs and life’s work on reuniting people with their loved ones. Over the past twenty-five years, he has helped reunite more than 40,000 people.[1]

Dunn’s first experience in reuniting people involved his own mother. He met a man who had found his own biological family and asked the man to help him. After more than five hours in a library, he was able to find his mother’s mother. The experience inspired him and he founded International Locator, Inc., when the Internet was born. He later changed the name of the company to, which he sold to in 2002.

He was the host of The Locator, which ran for five seasons on the WE network. In 2014, he created, produced, and hosted APB with Troy Dunn for TNT. He also hosts and produces the UPTV show Last Hope with Troy Dunn. He has compiled his experiences and expertise into a book entitled Family: The Good F Word.

Giving people the chance for healing and forgiveness and improving families is what drives him.

He also says that family history is a “real-life, action-packed adventure filled with discovery of so much more than names on a piece of paper. The digital world has turned family history into a treasure hunt … that pays off every single time. There is no possibility that you will do family history and not uncover treasure. No possibility.”[2]

Dunn was born in Kansas but moved often as a child. He met his wife, Jennifer, in Oklahoma. They are the parents of nine children.