Wilderness of Akish

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The Book of  Mormon
An area mentioned in Ether 14, in which some of the most fierce final battles among the Jaredites took place. The wilderness of Akish seems to be a place into which armies were being chased by others, first mentioned in Ether 14:3 as the place where the Gilead, the brother of Shared, and his forces were forced by the armies of Coriantumr. The resulting battle was one in which "many thousands fell by the sword" (Ether 14:4).

After Gilead made a nighttime exodus from the wilderness, in which he defeated part of Coriantumr's forces and assumed Coriantumr's throne, the armies of Coriantumr remained in the wilderness for two years of regrouping and replenishment.

During that time a usurper named Lib had Gilead killed and assumed the throne. During the first year of Lib's reign, Coriantumr came out of the wilderness of Akish, attacked Lib's forces, fought battles against them in several places, and again returned to the wilderess of Akish (Ether 14:11-14). The battles in and around the wilderness of Akish were some of the final ones recounted in the book of Ether, and for the Jaredite nations.