Wilford Woodruff "Woody" Romney

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Wilford Woodruff "Woody" Romney was born in May 1897, a son of George E. and Hannah Ottinger Romney.

He attended West High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. was a four-year letterman. He broke his leg badly during a game against East High. He played baseball, basketball, and football at the University of Utah and was captain of the basketball team as a freshman.

Romney served in World War I. He played football for the Naval Training Station team at the University of Washington where he was training to be a pilot in the United States Navy.

Afterward, he was a football coach at Oneida Stake Academy.

His brothers are G. Ott Romney, Milton Addis "Mitt" Romney, E. L. "Dick" Romney, and Floyd Eccles Romney. Each was a gifted athlete and coach.

He married Ethyle Mary Watkins in 1951.

He is not to be confused with his cousin Elwood Snow "Woody" Romney, who was also known for his athletic and coaching career.