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April Meservy mormon

April Meservy is a singer from Reno, Nevada, and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. April sings locally, but has also been invited to sing in venues around the world, and has been featured on television. She combines musical styles and lists the following as influences: Indie, Acoustic, Pop/Rock, Christian, Contemporary Gospel, Jazz, Alternative Folk, R&B, Blues, World, Electro-Pop, Dance. She's independently produced by Forêt d'Musique (Jèrriais: "Forest of Music").

She’s won Pearl Awards: “Studio Vocalist of the Year” in 2004, 2005, 2006 as well as for “Contemporary Recording of the Year” in 2005 and “Devotional Recording Song” in 2007. She also received an award from the Interfaith Power & Light Earth Song Competition for her song “Marks on My Path,” which was part of her “Somewhere Between Sunsets” album.

April's album is unusually diverse in style and sound - songs range from slow, introspective piano ballads to bossa nova to upbeat guitar-based grooves. In "More of Less," the moving rhythms of a Prague orchestra offer statements of gratitude in the midst of loss. One thing remains the same, however: April means what she sings about. "Change and growth create diversity. I don't think I can express change with any one particular sound, so this album will be somewhat diverse. It feels more natural to me this way. I write in different styles to put into music different moments of my life." (From April's Facebook page.) [1]

April has been featured on albums and compilations released all over the world, including several soundtracks on Especially for Youth CDs. She produced a new album in 2010, “Somewhere Between Sunsets.” She was invited to perform in the All Star Open Mic Fight at Refinement Records. She and Nikki Forova embarked on the White Dandelions tour in 2013, which marked Forova’s album release and Meservy’s concert. In November 2013 she released a music video for “Looks Like Change.” She made a second video for “Looks Like Change” that was released in December 2013.

For more, go to April's website, or MormonMusic.org