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The Book of Mormon contains a wide range of information about the geography in which the people of the Book of Mormon lived. The geography can be broken down into four main sections:

Old World Geography - In the time frame between when Lehi and his family left Jerusalem, until they reached the promise land, they stopped at many places that they named themselves. It is not likely that these names remained, as they were there only a brief time and likely left no one there to retain the names.

B.C. Geography - By far the greatest amount of information about geography is contained in the Book of Alma, as well as several books prior to 3rd Nephi that pertain to both the Nephites and the Lamanites.

A.D. Geography - Because of the destruction in the new world that occurred at the death of Christ the whole face of the land changed. This resulted in some places being destroyed and others being created. As part of this and in the years leading up to it, a number of places north were created and named. These are contained in the Book of 3 Nephi, 4th Nephi, Book of Mormon, and the Book of Moroni.

Jaredite Geography - The Jaredites who dwelt in the same area as the Nephites had a number of different names for the terrain and the cities that existed in their time. These are contained almost entirely in the Book of Ether.


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