Com, father of Shiblon

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Com is a character in the Book of Mormon's Book of Ether. He is known for for being a king and a ruler over the Jaredites. He was born and raised in captvity on account of his 3x great-grandfather, Hearthom, who was overthrone as king of the Jaredites. Since that time, all of the descendants of Hearthom lived in captivity. Com ended this captivity, when he drew away half of the kingdom of the Jaredites and was installed as a king over them. This would last for forty-two years until Com went to battle against Amgid and overthrew him to become king over all the Jaredites. [1]

King of the Jaredites

His reign was marked with problems in the land however, as robbers began to seek the destruction of the kingdom. While Com fought against these forces, he did not prevail against them. During this time, the prophets came prophecying the impending destruction of the Jaredites. They were rejected by the people, and many sought to kill them. Com listened to the prophecies and helped ensure the protection of the prophets, for which he was blessed the remainder of his days. As he grew old, he conferred his kingdom up his son Shiblom.[2]

Genealogy of Ether

He is also noted in the genealogy of Ether, listed in the Book of Ether as being an father of Shiblon and the son of Coriantum.