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Mormon Theology on the Creation

Mormons have a Christian view of the Creation of earth and man. They believe that God and His son Jesus Christ created the earth we live on. While this may be a somewhat traditional view of the creation, the main difference in Mormon theology is the belief they have about what lead up to the creation and the eternal significance of the creation.

Members of the Mormon Church believe the Creation was carefully planned by God and there was an important purpose in His creation of us, as mortal humans, and also of the earth we now live on.

Mormons believe, through reading the Holy Bible account written in Genesis, and also through accounts given by Moses and Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price, that before the earth was created, there was a great council, or meeting, in Heaven.

The grand council was a chance for God to gather his spirit children around Him and present a plan for their salvation. Mormons believe that each human being on the earth lived before this life as a spirit person, in the presence of God. Mormons believe that in this pre-earth-life we were given opportunities to learn and make choices.

There came a point where we had learned all we could in our existence as a spirit body. A wise and loving God wanted us to progress further. He knew that the only way was for us to be separated from His presence and be tested and trained. In the council in Heaven, God told us about this plan for our progression. He told us that he would create a place –the earth- where we could go down and receive a mortal body and learn to have faith in Him. The purpose of our going to earth would be to prove our allegiance to God and our desires to serve Him, even when it was hard.

God explained that our life on earth would be difficult, but that he would not leave us without help. He also told us that no unclean thing (3 Nephi 27:19) would be allowed to return to His presence. Of course, we would all become unclean through our sins, but God promised to send a Savior, He would be called Jesus Christ, and he would pay the price for our sins. We would be eligible to be cleansed of our sins if we were sincere in our hearts and did all we could to follow Jesus Christ and His teachings.

And so, the creation of the earth and of our physical bodies was done for our benefit. As we experience trials in life, we are being trained to become more like God. He tries to teach us patience, love, charity, humility, brotherly kindness, service to others, and control of physical bodies and appetites. God wants us to return to His presence and if we are sincere in our desires to follow Him and the teachings of His Son Jesus Christ, we will be cleansed of our sins through the blood of Christ and ultimately, we will be admitted into God presence eternally.

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