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Eldon Cannon is a gardener and the group manager of grounds and floral services at Temple Square for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which he is a member. Prior to this appointment, he oversaw the greenhouse at Brigham Young University, which supplies approximately 50,000 plants for the campus. The BYU grounds department maintains over 500 acres that includes the Missionary Training Center, the Provo Temple grounds, LDS Motion Picture Studios, the Presidents’ home, the mission presidents’ home, on-campus housing, and the care of tropical plants in all the buildings on campus.

Cannon oversees the thirty-five acres of Temple Square grounds, which also includes the rooftop garden of the Conference Center, and the placement of the thousands of Christmas lights.

“We’re always changing historic Temple Square,” said Cannon. “We want to make Church headquarters continually viable.”[1]

In addition to the thirty-five acres of Temple Square grounds, Cannon also oversees the floral arrangements in the Conference Center for General Conference. He says they “hope to create a feeling of peaceful harmony through universal artistic design principles and elements.” The designers coordinate plant heights, textures, leaf size, and color.
Courtesy Mormon Newsroom