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The book of Exodus is the second of the five books of Moses in the Old Testament and is the Greek word meaning departure. Whenever one mentions Exodus, it always has reference to the Lord delivering Israel out of Egyptian bondage.1

Exodus consists of two main divisions – historical and legislative. Historically, we learn about the cruelty of the Israelites in Egypt under the rule of kings, the history of Moses – his birth, his calling as a prophet, and the miracle of leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. We learn about the exodus itself along with the institution of the Passover, the consecration of the firstborn, the departing and March of the Red Sea, the destruction of Pharaoh's army, the giving of the quails and the manna, and the observance of the Sabbath.

Legislatively, we learn how the Lord leads his people by raising up prophets to teach and lead them, by giving them His law or His commandments, by inviting them to enter covenants to keep that law, and by giving them temples where they can receive covenants and more totally worship Him.

There are three stages in which the book of Exodus can be divided: a nation enslaved, a nation redeemed, and a nation set apart. With the unification of the religious and political life, the Israelites were consecrated to the service of God.

What can we gain from reading Exodus? The Lord gave these commandments to the Israelites then and they still apply to today. We can know that through faith the Lord has and will lead His people by raising up prophets to teach and lead them today, as he did for the Israelites. The Lord invited all to come unto Him and enter covenants to keep the commandments. Just as He provided temples for the Israelites where they could receive covenants and more fully worship Him, he provides Holy Temples today where we can receive covenants and prepare ourselves for eternal life. The Lord promises us that if we are true and faithful to the commandments He has set forth for us, we will be able to enter His presence.

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