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Genesis is the Greek word meaning origin or beginning. It is in the book of Genesis that we find numerous accounts of beginnings, such as the 'creation of the earth, the placing of animals and man thereon, the introduction of sin, the revelation of the gospel to Adam, the beginning of tribes and races, the origin of various languages at Babel, and the beginning of the Abrahamic family leading to the establishment of the house of Israel.'1

The book of Genesis is the first of five books written by Moses and covers a period in history that is approximately twenty-five hundred years. The formation of the book contains several genealogies, some of which are: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We can also note that the book of Genesis is the original birthplace of all theology. It contains ideas of both God and man, of righteousness and judgment, of accountability and judgment, of responsibility and moral government, of failure and hope, which are read through the rest of the Old Testament, and which prepares the way for the mission of Christ.

Probably the most important point that Genesis makes is the introduction of the Plan of Happiness given by a loving Father in Heaven. This plan was, and is, to help His children receive a physical body, be tested and tried, and develop divine attributes. We also come to understand the role the Savior had in the Creation and its divine purpose.2

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