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Gilead is a character from the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Ether he is seen seeking revenge against Coriantumr for the murder of his brother Shared. Shared had overthrown Coriantumr, only to lose his throne to the sons of Coriantumr. Coriantumr brought his armies to battle against Shared in the Valley of Gilgal. Coriantumr succeeded in killing Shared.

Two years after Shared's death, Gilead raised an army against Coriantumr and fought him until he was forced to flee to the Wilderness of Akish. Coriantumr pursued him there and started a battle which would result in thousands being killed on both sides. Gilead gained the upper hand, however, when he attacked Coriantumr's army at night, while they were asleep and drunk. With the weakening of his army, Coriantumr was unable to stop Gilead from coming into the capital of the land, Moron, and sitting upon his own throne. While there, Gilead continued to add to his army, as did Coriantumr, in preparation for another battle. It would not happen, however, as Gilead was murdered by his high priest on account of the secret combinations which were allowed to fester in the land. He was succeeded by Lib, who would obtain the position through secret oaths and combinations.

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