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Grant Alan Pitman is a retired police service Information and Communication Technology manager and adjunct professor and lecturer in Queensland, Australia.

Pitman was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, to Brian Alan and Patricia Saunders Pitman in 1956. He served as a full-time missionary in the southern states of Australia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which he is a member.

Pitman was Chief Superintendent of Police and Director of Strategic Planning in the Queensland Police Force. He was also the executive manager of the Information and Communication Technology Command-Major Projects. He has been involved with a varied list of contributions to law enforcement, including disaster management, auditing and finance, organizational reform, education and human resources, and policy development. He has national, state, and regional levels of professional service, including the Ipswich Economic Forum, the Brisbane Airport Emergency Planning Committee, the National Emergency Communications Working Group, the National Police Drug and Alcohol Task Force, and the Police Education Advisory Council.

He comes from a long line of police officers, but also pursued advanced college degrees, obtaining a Master of Administration degree and a PhD in public policy from Griffith University.

He was an adjunct associate professor at the Queensland University of Technology and an adjunct senior lecturer at Griffith University. He has published more than thirty articles on police education, public policy, and management.

He has chaired the South West Regional Traffic Committee (1994-1996), the Australasian Police Traffic Forum (2000-2002), the National Neighbourhood Watch Committee (2002-2003), and the District Disaster Management Group for Brisbane, Redland, and Pine Rivers Council (2004-2008), and he co-chaired the National Police Communications Group (2004-2008).

Pitman and his wife, Donna, are the parents of six children. They are currently serving as president and matron of the Brisbane Australia Temple, and assignment they accepted in 2013. He previously served as a counselor in the temple presidency.