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Greg Miller (born c. 1966) is Chief Executive Officer of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, started in 1979 by his father, the late Larry H. Miller. During his first year as CEO (2008), he cut $29 million in expenses to help the company stay viable. In October 2020, Gail Miller announced that the family had sold the Utah Jazz to Ryan Smith. The family will keep a minority stake in the team.

Greg's first job with his father’s company was to sweep rocks off the parking lot of the first dealership in Murray, Utah. He left the company for a time to start his own company, and later returned to work for his father. He gradually took on more responsibility and was tasked with running Miller Motorsports Park when it opened in 2006.

His mother, Gail Miller—chair of the board of directors—said that “as they earn money as an organization and as family [they] do primarily three things with it—pay taxes, service debt, and share with philanthropic initiatives.”[1]

Miller appeared incognito on an episode of CBS reality show "Undercover Boss" in February 2014. Of the experience, he said, “I made a lot of friends. I learned several ways that we can make the organization better, and I was able to enrich lives — specifically the lives of the employees that I worked with on the show.”[2]

Miller likes to travel and collect Land Cruisers. He drove the same vehicle on all seven continents, which took three years and covered 58,196 miles—a journey he made with his wife and family, friends, and many others.[3]. A total of five Land Cruisers were used and are on permanent display at the Toyota Land Cruiser Museum in Tooele, Utah.

Miller is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.