Halifax Nova Scotia Temple

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Halifax Canada Temple

The Halifax Nova Scotia Temple is the 64th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Halifax Nova Scotia temple, although a small temple, has made a big impact on the community and lives of members of the Church of Jesus Christ. Just as Elder Jay E. Jensen said at the groundbreaking, "“Don’t think of it as a small temple. Make it big in your hearts.” [1]

Members in Nova Scotia used to meet in hotels and school buildings. Travel time before the Halifax temple was built was considerably longer and frequent trips to the temple were not a possibility. Now members meet in beautiful chapels and can enjoy the blessings of the temple on a more frequent basis. Richard Moses, second counselor in the Dartmouth Nova Scotia Stake presidency said, "It is impossible - there are not words - to adequately express our gratitude for this temple. No longer do we just look at a picture of a temple. Now, when my daughters look out their bedroom window, they see the softly lighted figure of the Angel Moroni standing as a beacon over the area." [2]

When the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple was opened to the public, prior to the dedication, about 8,000 people toured the temple. Many non-members commented on the peaceful and powerful feeling inside the temple. Richard Moses shared some experiences:

After completing a tour during the open house, and obviously touched by what he was feeling, the reporter commented that there was no way he could write what he felt in the small space he would be given for the article.
A man dressed in leather and sporting many tattoos came to the open house. He was quiet during the tour and sat by himself in the celestial room. Soon, tears were flowing. [3]

Due to mechanical problems with President Gordon B. Hinckley's plane, Church history was made. The Halifax temple dedication was delayed a day so that it was dedicated on the same day as the Regina Saskatchewan Temple. This marked the first time two Latter-day Saint temples were dedicated on the same day. President Hinckley stayed in Halifax while President Boyd K. Packer went to Regina.

When the dedication was postponed, "members showed no irritation, but inquired what they could do, like opening their homes to help offset the expense of those who would need to stay an extra night to attend the dedication." [4] Members had traveled up to ten hours to get to the dedication yet didn't feel it a sacrifice, because they got to see their temple.

During the dedicatory prayer on 14 November 1999, President Hinckley thanked God for the eternal ordinances performed in temples saying,

We thank Thee for the ordinances to be performed herein. Thou hast revealed these in this dispensation of the fullness of times for the blessing of Thy sons and daughters of all generations. All of these ordinances bespeak our testimony of the eternity of life and of Thy grand and sacred plan for Thy children, that they might move forward on the way of immortality and eternal life made possible through the atoning sacrifice of Thy Beloved Son. [5]

The Halifax Nova Scotia Temple has a total floor area of 10,700 square feet, two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms.



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