Kevin Wasden: Mormon Artist

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Kevin Wasden Mormon Artist

Kevin Wasden is an American educator, writer, artist, and illustrator whose specialties are science fiction, fantasy, and comics. He has illustrated book covers, gaming manuals, and magazines.

He is co-creator (with Julie Wright) of a science-fiction adventure series for young readers called Hazzardous Universe. He also created the web comic book, Technosaurs. He was the guest artist for the third Schlock Mercenary collection.

He illustrated several books by Charlotte Emerson based on the characters of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Titles include Amy’s True Prize, Beth’s Snow Dancer, Jo’s Troubled Heart, and Meg’s Dearest Wish.

Wasden, born in 1971, attended Utah State University and studied psychology for two years. A professor needed some illustrations for a book and Wasden landed the job, which increased to three books and over 600 illustrations over the span of one year. Wasden and his wife moved to Brooklyn, New York, for his wife to attend school while he continued to illustrate. He also studied oil painting in New York City under artist Andy Reiss. When they returned to Utah, Wasden changed his major to art and illustration. He also worked part-time as a designer for Alinco Costumes. He later became creative director for Alinco. He spent over a decade designing mascots for companies such as Disney, ESPN, and the NBA.

Wasden teaches visual art at Venture High School. He and his wife and children live on the northern edge of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kevin Wasden Mormon Artist