Lee Wakefield

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Lee and Linda Wakefield, photo by Mark Philbrick

Lee Wakefield is a former artistic director of the Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Company, a position he held for thirty-five years. Under his leadership, the company became a nationally renowned ballroom program. He was also the department chair for 10 years and taught classes while directing the Ballroom Dance Company.

Wakefield and his wife, Linda, are former dance competitors. They received the Open Ballroom and Open Latin Formation Championship award at the Blackpool International Dance Competition in May 2014. They met at BYU and after they married they competed professionally for 13 years, winning two United States National Professional Theatre Arts Championships. The couple then returned to BYU to direct the Ballroom Dance Company and help the Department of Dance grow.

He began dancing at the age of 14 and later taught social dance classes in the BYU dance program while a student. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.