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'''Levi''' is a character in the [[Book of Mormon|Book of Mormon's]] [[Book of Ether]]. He is known for being a righteous leader over the [[Jaredites]]. Levi was born and raised in captivity, having suffered so on account of his father, [[Kim]], who had ruled wickedly over the Jaredites until being overthrown by his brother. Levi lived in jail for forty-two years until he overthrew the king of the Jaredites and assumed the throne for himself. His reign was a righteous one in which the lord did bless him and his people greatly. In his old age he had a son named [[Corom]], who would ultimately succeed him to the throne. [http://scriptures.lds.org/en/ether/1]
'''Levi''' Is jeans making company, what else you want?
He is also noted in the genealogy of [[Ether]] listed in the first chapter of the [[Book of Ether]] as being the father of [[Corom]] and the son of [[Kim]].[http://scriptures.lds.org/en/ether/1]
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Levi Is jeans making company, what else you want?