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Missionary Training Centers, or MTCs, are created by the Mormon Church to train their full-time missionaries before sending them around the world.

There are seventeen Mormon MTCs. These Missionary Training Centers are located in Provo, Utah, São Paulo, Brazil, Ghana, England, Dominican Republic, Peru, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, and South Africa. Almost all missionaries attend at least one of the MTCs for training prior to being a missionary.

Whichever MTC a missionary attends, all are given the chance to further learn the doctrines of Jesus Christ and to develop and strengthen Christlike attributes. Missionaries learn to teach principles with clarity, and to help others have faith in Christ, repent, be baptized in Christ's name, receive the Holy Spirit, and continue in the ways of Christ. Because many missionaries are sent to countires or areas where they do not speak the native language, Missionary Training Centers provide important instruction on speaking foreign languages.

Missionaries generally spend a few weeks to a few months in a Missionary Training Center, depending on whether or not the missionary must learn a foreign language.

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