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I was just considering source citations today. Wikipedia has a very nice citation in place which makes maintaining the style mentioned in this document quite easy. The main concern I had (and I very much like the current style guideline) was that keeping track of the citation numbering order, along with updating that order made non-inline citations something of a potential problem to maintain. In contrast, wikipedia allowed the user to add <ref></ref> tags around the material cited and added a template at the bottom which caused all the references at the bottom to be listed and properly numbered automatically. (The template was just for maintaining style, I found. All that's needed for the numbered listing is the <references/> tag.)

Since this system doesn't seem to work here, I presumed that the functionality must exist as a mediawiki extension, so I went and found it on the mediawiki site. Might we add this or (if another solution is preferred) something like it? --Seanmcox 10:21, 5 September 2007 (MDT)