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Writing an article about Mormon Humor is nothing to laugh at. Like any large body of people a knowledge of the behavior of the group lends itself to poking fun at oneself. For example, knowing that a small number of members will volunteer repeatedly for assignments leads to the exchange:

Are there any volunteers for the cannery assignment? I guess we're still on the STP program.
What is The STP program?
"The Same Three People"

The missionaries were harshly rejected by the lady of the house who slammed the door in their faces. To her consternation, the door did not close completely but swung back towards her.

"Get your foot out of my door!" she shouted angrily.

"But, madam ... " the senior companion began, but she didn't listen and she slammed the door even harder. It swung back towards her again.

Furiously, she screamed "Get your Mormon foot out of my door!"

"But, madam .... " he began again.

"Don't 'but madam,' me!" she screamed, going purple, and slamming the door again, this time with both hands, only to see it swing back at her a third time.

"Aaaaaargggghhhhhhhh!" she screamed hysterically.

The junior companion stepped forward and said softly through the door opening, "Madam, you will be able to shut the door if you first remove your cat!"

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