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Mormon Women Homepage

Mormon Women: Who We Are (, a More Good Foundation website, has been created to enable women all over the world to come together to talk about their lives and beliefs. Mormon women will be sharing their thoughts and talents on the site, and the hope is to have friends of other faiths join in the conversation.

The dialogue should help women of all faiths understand more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and more about Mormon Womanhood. Many people of other faiths hold on to misperceptions regarding the Mormon faith and the practices of its members. Many do not even realize that Mormons are devoted Christians, and some mistakenly equate Mormons with closed communities holding to fundamentalist philosophies. This website will help to dispel some of these mistaken ideas by introducing everyday Mormon women and opening a dialogue between them and visitors to the site.

The site invites submissions of questions and answers, presentations of spiritual insights and experiences, submissions of visual arts and essays, and media....In other words, creative expressions of faith.

Visitors to the site can comment on almost any aspect of the site. There is a comment box at the bottom of every post. Other features of the site include the following:

Share Now! This is an easy way for visitors to the site to share their thoughts without having to find a specific post on which to comment. Visitors can find the SHARE NOW! link in the top left section of the site.
Weekly Question: At the beginning of each week, moderators post a question about various topics, and encourage visitors' responses. Visitors can a look at and consider commenting on past weeks’ questions as well. It’s never too late to comment. (Visitors should feel free to submit a question, too.)
Review, Reflect, and Return: At the end of each week, the moderators link to or post content that they have found inspirational or interesting, and invite visitors to share their thoughts about it.
(Again, visitors should let the moderators know of content they think would be good to include.)
Topics List: Visitors to the site can click on a topic and share their thoughts in the comment box.

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