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The New Era is a magazine printed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for youth ages 12-18 and their parents. The New Era began in 1971, when the Church consolidated its numerous magazines into just four different magazines. The New Era is published on a monthly basis and includes messages from the First Presidency and other General Authorities, fiction stories, stories from members such as their conversion or missionary experiences, a question and answer section, Church history, poetry from readers, music, photos, and mormonads.

The mission of the magazine is, “As an official line of communication to the youth of the Church, the New Era is to provide a positive, uplifting voice for young people to hear. Therefore, each issue must be an example of editorial, photographic, and artistic excellence. The New Era shows every twelve- through eighteen-year-old Latter-day Saint what blessings can come from living the restored gospel. Readers learn from the examples and testimonies of others that being spiritually committed, wholesome, and LDS is the most desirable way to be, that righteous living is the only source of peace and happiness in life.”

The editors of the magazine encourage creativity and hold an annual contest with different areas to enter such as music, poetry, fiction pieces and so on. Winning entries are published in the magazine. The magazine also provides scholarships for college students who show promise in writing and editing.

Church leaders encourage parents of teenagers to read the New Era with their kids and use it for Family Home Evening or as a way to start discussions. They remind families with children in this age group that the New Era can be an important resource. One LDS youth who reads the New Era said, “[The New Era] lets me see I’m not alone in my thoughts. You know, about school, relationships with my parents, girls and stuff like that, like the Church and a mission. You get ideas to help your thoughts on those things. It’s good to have it around. It is! It’s good stuff.”