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Paul Engemann is a former solo artist and lead vocalist for 1980s bands Animotion and Device. He is the son of record producer and entertainment manager Karl Engemann and back-up singer Geri Engemann.

Engemann was born on October 15, 1957. With his father as vice president of Capitol Records, he was often called upon to add vocals to a soundtrack. He also toured the United States with his family for two years with the Latter-day Saint stage play “Saturday’s Warrior.” By the time he was 19, he had a recording contract with PolyGram Records, but opted to postpone it in order to serve as a full-time missionary to Peru for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which he is a member. However, at the end of his two-year mission, his contract was void and his family had moved to Utah.

He soon moved back to California and lived with his older sister, Shawn, and launched a singing career. He started writing music and recording demos with Giorgio Moroder, a record producer and songwriter. Engemann recorded Moroder’s song “Push It to the Limit” for the movie Scarface and together they wrote the 1984 Olympics official song “Reach Out,” which became the number one single on the German charts and ranked 81st on the American charts. Other single releases included “American Dream,” “Face to Face,” “Shannon’s Eyes,” “Brain Power,” “To Be Number One,” and “Never Ending Story.”

As lead singer, Engemann had a top 40 hit (“Hanging on a Heart Attack”) with rock group Device. Later in the 80s he joined band Animotion and had a top 10 hit “Room to Move.” After the band dissolved, Engemann moved back to Utah, left the music business, and began doing commercial work. He later opened a design business with his wife, Suzanne. He is now a distributor for the Xocai Corporation and has appeared in several of the company’s online commercials. He and his wife are the parents of one son.