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[[Add Pictures!]]
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Post Articles on MormonWiki!

In order to post articles or edit articles on MormonWiki, you will need to sign up with a free membership account( [Create an Account ].)

The following will be a step by step process to post an article on MormonWiki.

Before getting started become familiar with the WikiPages, at the top of every page there are tabs that provide different functions to help better the MormonWiki website. The tab that you will need to become most familiar with is the Edit tab. This tab enables you to change the contents of the page you are currently viewing. It enables you to change the format, images, post new articles or edit existing articles. Once you have localized this tab we can start the tutorial.

How to Post an Article on MormonWiki

Create the Title of Your Article on the MormonWiki Articles Page

Add Content to Your Article

Enhance Your Article

Add Links to Your Article

Add Pictures!