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Post Articles on MormonWiki!

In order to post articles or edit articles on MormonWiki, you will need to sign up with a free membership account( [Create an Account ] .)

The following will be a step by step process to post an article on MormonWiki.

Before getting started become familiar with the WikiPages, at the top of every page there are tabs that provide different functions to help better the MormonWiki website. The tab that you will need to become most familiar with is the Edit tab. This tab enables you to change the contents of the page you are currently viewing. It enables you to change the format, images, post new articles or edit existing articles. Once you have localized this tab we can start the tutorial.

Post an Article:

I. Add the title of your article to the MormonWiki Articles page.

a.Click on the edit tab at the top of the MormonWiki Articles page.

b.In the edit tab , look for the heading under which your article would fit most appropriately. For Example: the Basic Beliefs heading would appear in the edit tab as ==Basic Beliefs==.

c. Add the name of your article in brackets under the heading. Place two brackets on both sides of the name of your article. Doing so the word you encapsulated between the brackets will now become a link. For Example: [[Faith]] will appear as Faith

d. Push Show Preview at the bottom of the page. Now it will show how the MormonWiki Articles page will appear with your article included once you Save. Your article should appear in red font under the name of the heading you chose.

e. Push Save. If the word appears correctly as you would like it to appear, push Save. The title of your article should now appear in red on the MormonWiki Articles page.

II.Add content to your article.

a. Click on the red title of your article. A new page will appear where you will be able to add content to the article.

b. Write your article in the space provided. You can also paste your article if it is already written.

c. Press Show Preview to see what your article will look like.

d. If you are satisfied with your article, press Save.

Enhance your Article

Added Bolded Words

a. <b> Hello!</b> would appear as Hello

Underline a Word

a. <u> Bye!</u> would appear as Bye!

Strike Out a Word

a. <strike>Welcome!</strike> would appear as Welcome!

Add Superscripts and Subscripts

a. Superscripts should be written like this: Hello <sup>2</sup> and will appear like this : Hello 2

b. Subscripts should be written like this: Hello <sub> 2</sub> and will appear like this : Hello 2

Add Bullets

a. Add bullets by placing an Asterisk before the word or phrase, *Hello would appear like :

  • Hello

b. Add more bullets my repeating the same process.



Should appear as:

  • Hello
  • Goodbye

Make a Numbered List

a. Make a numbered list by adding the # before the word or phrase, #Hello should appear like:

  1. Hello

b. Add more than one number by adding repeating the same process:

# Hello

# Goodbye

# Eureka!!

Should appear as:

  1. Hello
  2. Goodbye
  3. Eureka!

Add Internal Links to Your Article

This means adding a link that will take you to an existing page or article on the MormonWiki Page. If you have posted your own article you should already be familiar with this process. By adding brackets around a word, [[Word]], it becomes an internal link.

a. If the name of your article is Example you would make it a link like this: [[Example]] and it would appear as Example.

b. Make sure the name of the article is spelled correctly on your link, for Example: [[example]] would be incorrect.

Make a Pipe Link

Making a Pipe Link means to make a link that shows a word other than the name of the actual link. Confused? Example:

a. The name of the article is [[ Birthday]], but Come to the Party would be a much more exciting link.

b. Inside the opening brackets write the name of the article, like such, [[Birthday

c. Put in a pipe symbol “ | “

d. Then place the name you would like to appear on the link, Come to the Party]] .

Written out the code should look like this, [[Birthday|Come to the Party]] , and would appear as this, Come to the Party

Add External Links to Your Article

This means you will add a link to a page that is not part of the MormonWiki website.

a.First you will need to know the URL (address) of the page you want to link to.

b.If the page you want to link to is Google, then your link would look like this [[ Google]] and would appear like this [Google]

c.Notice the space between the address and the title of the link, if there were no title, [[]] , it would appear like this [[1]]

d.You can make the title of your external link what ever you would like, like this [[ Look for Products]] , would appear like this [Look for Products]

Add Headings and Subsections

Add headings and subsections to divide your article into sections and topics. By adding these, MormonWiki will automatically add a contents box at the top of the page with the list of headings and sub sections.

a. A heading is added by placing two = symbols around the word, == First Section== should appear as:

First Section

b. Subsection are written the same way, except you place an additional = around the word. ===Subsection=== should appear as:


c. The more = that are placed the smaller the heading becomes. Like the following:

====Sub Subsection==== should appear as,

Sub Subsection

=====Sub Sub Subsection===== should appear as,

Sub Sub Subsection