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Glenn served a full-time mission to Milan, Italy.  
Glenn served a full-time mission to Milan, Italy.  
* [http://latterdaylives.com/episode-108-with-sharlee-mullins-glenn/ Latter Day Lives]
* [http://latterdaylives.com/episode-108-with-sharlee-mullins-glenn/ Latter Day Lives Podcast featuring Sharlee Mullins Glenn]
[[Category:Mormon Life and Culture]]
[[Category:Mormon Life and Culture]]

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Sharlee Glenn Mormon Author

Sharlee Mullins Glenn is an author and educator. She is the author of "Library on Wheels," One in a Billion, Just What Mama Needs, Circle Dance: A Novel, and Keeping Up with Roo, which won the 2007 Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award by the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Developmental Disabilities.

She was raised on a farm in the Uintah Basin (town called Arcadia) in Utah in a family of seven children, a widowed mother, and two developmentally disabled aunts. Her mother moved the family to Twin Falls, Idaho, prior to her senior year. She earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in humanities with emphases in English and art history at Brigham Young University, where she taught for eight years.

She has published articles, essays, poems, and short stories for adults in periodicals such as Women's Studies, The Southern Literary Journal, and Segullah. Her children’s stories have appeared in Cricket and Ladybug magazines.

Glenn and her husband are the parents of five children.

She founded Mormon Women for Ethical Government to advocate for a better tone in politics as well as for common sense issues. It began as a Facebook group that quickly grew to 4,000. An editorial she wrote on President Trump was published in the New York Times. She stepped down from leading that nonprofit in 2020. She then founded the Everyone Belongs Project to help stop bullying and to foster inclusion in schools. She refers to herself as an “accidental activist.”

Glenn served a full-time mission to Milan, Italy.