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  • ...efault.aspx?pid=24979}}</ref> Arrington then began graduate work at the [[University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill]] and married Grace Fort in 1942.<ref name ...ersity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in March 1952. In 1958, [[Harvard University Press]] published his ''Great Basin Kingdom: An Economic History of the Lat
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  • == Brigham Young University == ...16, 1875, as the Brigham Young Academy, [ Brigham Young University] was founded on principles of combined spiritual and secular learning.
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  • ...ofessor of [[Arabic language]] and [[Islam]]ic religion at [[Brigham Young University]] (BYU). He was previously a professor of comparative religion at the same ...then received his MA and PhD in Islamic and Arabic Studies from [[Harvard University]].
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  • an emeritus professor of Church history and doctrine at [[Brigham Young University]]. He is a member of [ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latte ...ree in Greek while he taught. In 1957 he began his doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley and received his PhD in Ancient History in 1961. He
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  • ...ed a Baker Scholar. He also received his Juris Doctorate (law degree) from Harvard Law School. [[Category:Brigham Young University alumni]]
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  • ...ion, he graduated from [[Brigham Young University]] and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. [[Category:Brigham Young University alumni]]
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  • ...s joined on the 2015 Thinkers50 list by other [[Brigham Young University]] alumni Clayton Christensen, [[Dave Ulrich]], [[Liz Wiseman]], and [[Hal Gregersen] She frequently contributes to the ''Harvard Business Review'' and is a Linkedinfluencer. She is the author of ''Disrupt
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