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  • ...y-Idaho|BYU–Idaho]] in Rexburg, Idaho; and [[LDS Business College|Ensign College]] in Salt Lake City, Utah. This education system also serves hundreds of th ...Philanthropies]] including donations of cash and property and [,7133,493-1-3,00.html online donations].
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  • ...Salt Lake City]] into [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]] (LDS Church). ...99 Musungu served as a missionary in the Church's Kenya Nairobi [[Mission (LDS Church)|Mission]], serving much of that time in [[Tanzania]].
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  • ...ake president and mission president as well as president of [[LDS Business College]] and later manager of the [[Deseret Gym]]. ...--6-1890,00.html Hinckleys Help Create Endowed Scholarship at LDS Business College<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
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  • ...l in classes at the University of Utah, and he graduated with honors and a business degree in 1948, just one quarter behind classmates who had not enlisted in ...oard of directors of Printing Industry of America. Monson is known for his business acumen and keen memory. Bill Smart, former editor of the Deseret News,
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  • ...Volunteers of LDS Philantrophies|Mormon Volunteers of LDS Philantrophies]]LDS Philanthropies, a department of [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day [[LDS Business College]], [[Perpetual Education Fund]], Church History Fund, [[Mission|Missionary
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  • ...Fremont Stake Academy. It wasn't until 1903 that it became known as Ricks College, the name it has held most of its existence as an educational institution. ...e and bachelor degrees in six general areas: Agriculture and Life Science, Business and Communication, Education and Human Development, Language and Letters, P
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  • ...taught classes from trumpet to music theory and from film scoring to music business.<ref name=autogenerated1>[ Biographical ...intment as assistant academic vice president, Dayley served as Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications at BYU as well as Chair of the Music Depart
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  • ...t Lake City, Utah. He attended Salt Lake City public schools, LDS Business College and later the University of Utah, where he studied engineering. He married ...Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for several years and on many other business, civic and government boards.
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