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  • ...ite was created to identify and shame members of the church who backed it; activists are targeting the relatives of prominent Mormons who gave money to pass it, ...n easy target. Anti-Mormon bigotry is unfortunately common, and gay-rights activists are cynically exploiting that fact.
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  • teaching and research focused on constitutional law, education law, and family law--particularly the legal rights of children. His professional scholarshi ...of disorders “in response to increasing disruptions and protests by gay activists.” The APA took this action by “an open vote in their professional meeti
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  • ...m Young University]] (BYU). He also serves as the director of the [[World Family Policy Center]] at BYU which is affiliated with the Clark Law School and th ...ttp:// Richard G. Wilkins: Defending the Family<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> Wilkins has written a book with Esther
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  • married man and woman. These commandments were given by God because the family unit is a crucial part of Heavenly Father's plan for His children. All chil ...ldren. Homosexual activity prevents people from receiving the blessings of family life and deprives spirit children of our [[Heavenly Father]] from receiving
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  • [[image: Mormon-families1.jpg|350px|right|alt=Mormon Family|Mormon Family]]The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is officially opposed to [ ...ioned "civil unions" with all rights but met with resistance both from gay activists and far right conservatives. By championing gay rights in Utah, along with
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  • ...trends and laws. Now many years down the road, we can see the descent of family integrity, marriage, and morality. One result unforeseen by the world at l ...riesthood ordinances in Mormon Temples and are leaders in the Church.) The family is of such central, eternal importance, no policy change would come.
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