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  • [[Image:jesse-n-smith.jpg|250px|thumb|right]] ...was a younger brother of [[Joseph Smith, Sr.]]. His grandfathers, [[Asael Smith]] and Nathaniel Aikens, both served in the American Revolutionary War.
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  • [[Teachings of Joseph Smith]] · [[Emma Smith's Hymnal]] ·
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  • [[Image:jesse-n-smith.jpg|250px|thumb|right]] ...was a younger brother of [[Joseph Smith, Sr.]]. His grandfathers, [[Asael Smith]] and Nathaniel Aikens, both served in the American Revolutionary War.
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  • '''Jesse Gause''' was a counselor to [[Joseph Smith]] for nine short months, during which time he also served a brief mission, ...project, later known as the [[Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible|Joseph Smith Translation]].
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  • ...ed the Mormon Church. Strang, a convert of only four months at the time of Smith’s martyrdom, produced a letter he claimed was sent by the prophet naming ...rang’s given name was Jesse James Strang. But he had changed it to James Jesse Strang by the time he reached adulthood. He was born on his father’s farm
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  • ...Smith|Jesse Nathaniel Smith]], was a first cousin to the Prophet [[Joseph Smith]].
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  • ...the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesse Haven, William H. Walker, and Leonard I. Smith were there to organize The Church of Jesus Christ and to dedicate the land
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  • The ranch is located near Milford, Utah, on Smith Mesa overlooking Zion National Park and has been in their family since thei ...2013. Youngest brother Spencer took the 2014 championship (Jake was fifth, Jesse eighth, and Cody—with a dislocated shoulder—placed ninth). They made hi
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  • ==Emma Hale Smith==] (For a timeline of the translatio
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  • Glover, Joseph Smith (1, daughter of William and Jane) · Serrine, Nancy Smith (26, wife of John.) · 
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  • *[[Jesse Gause]] (1832–1833) *[[John Smith]] (1837–1844)
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  • ..., at the time, upon the Fort Douglas military reservation. [[George Albert Smith]], president of the Utah Pioneer Trails & Landmarks Association (and later ...Rockwell]], Joseph Matthews, John Brown, [[Jesse C. Little]], [[George A. Smith]], John Pack, and an unidentified pioneer.[
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  • ...eeting, the Saints and especially the characters of the Prophets, [[Joseph Smith]] and [[Brigham Young]], were cruelly and unmercifully vilified by the mini ...go, New York and Washington, D.C., being accompanied by Elder [[John Henry Smith]]. They carried with them humorously signed petitions asking Congress to pa
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  • At the time of the martyrdom of [[Joseph Smith]], Matthias, the elder, then thirteen years of age, was a resident of Warsa ...d. His wife, some years after, married the well-known early civil engineer Jesse W. Fox, who thus became the foster-father of the boy. The future Apostle as
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  • ...gned an affidavit regarding the threats they had heard made against Joseph Smith in Carthage. (See History of the Church, 6:502-3.) [http://www.belnapfam ...k to Carthage on horseback as scouts, concerned about the safety of Joseph Smith. On the road to Carthage they met Brother Grant as he was coming to relay
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  • ...h outside of the United States were [[Joseph Smith, Sr.]] and [[Don Carlos Smith]]. They preached in the villages north of the St. Lawrence River beginning [[Joseph Smith]] preached in Upper Canada in September 1833 with [[Sidney Rigdon]] at the
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  • hosting for three years and director of Church hosting for the [[Joseph Smith Memorial Building]], Church Office Building, and Relief Society Building fo
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  • ...tter-day Saints] and a settler of the southern Alberta area. His father, [[Jesse Knight]], named the settlement of Raymond, Alberta, after his son. The Knig Knight was married to Hannah Isabelle Smith and they had three children. She passed away in 1906. He married Charlotte
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  • ...gain its footing. He won the Lehi (Utah) Round-Up; the Old Fort Days (Fort Smith, Ark.); the Southwestern International Livestock Show and Rodeo (El Paso, T ...bronc competitors. They broke new ground in 2014 when four of them (Cody, Jesse, Jake, and Spencer) all qualified for the NFR in the same year,
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  • ...3, in Taylor, Utah, and grew up on a farm in West Weber, Utah. His father, Jesse, was an avid photographer and taught him to take photographs and develop pr He wrote five books:'' Joseph Fielding Smith: A Prophet Among the People'' (1971), ''From the Shadow of Death: Stories o
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  • ...871, to accept of his first employment with a party of engineers who, with Jesse W. Fox, sen., as chief engineer, started from [[Salt Lake City]] to locate
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