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  • ...ia-Temple-2019.jpg|500px|thumb|<center><span style="color:#0099ff">Oakland California Temple, dedicated 17 November 1964</span></center>|right]] The Oakland California Temple is the 13th operating temple of [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latt
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  • ...ned the campaign, and although a huge majority of Blacks and Latinos voted in favor, the Mormon Church has taken the brunt of the wrath of the gay commun ...ate constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In a move that may make gay-rights supporters' heads spin, the incident is bei
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  • a foreign language) to nine weeks in training before departing to serve in one of the Church’s 407 [[Mission|missions]] (number of missions as of Ju Missionaries generally arrive at an MTC with a basic, foundational knowledge of religion
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  • ...when approximately 120 men, women and children, traveling through Utah to California were massacred by a force consisting of Mormon militia members and Southern ...can-American War in early 1848. (The treaty ceded all of what would become California, Nevada, and Utah, as well as parts of modern-day Texas, Colorado, Arizona,
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  • ...cuses on the adaptations that accompanied growth and internationalization. In surveying recent developments, it provides an introduction to the contempor ...od and clothing. The Church's Welfare Services became a significant factor in the recovery of many Church members and also those of other faiths (Ludlow,
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  • ...ed and modified. We sincerely hope the following articles will be helpful in learning about the Church. [[Life in Mortality]]&nbsp;·
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  • [[image:Newport beach california temple.jpg|350px|right|alt=Newport Beach California Mormon Temple]] The Newport Beach California Temple is the 122nd operating temple of [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat
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  • ...s]] began in Michigan in the 1830s. It did not have an organized presence in the state from the late 1850s into the 1870s. However missionary work was ...ers in the state, and the [[Detroit Michigan Temple]], which was dedicated in 1999.
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  • ...]] from 1899 until his own death. His tenure was interrupted for one week in 1901 when [[Joseph F. Smith]] was the president of the Quorum. ...Brother Young served as a guard and scout in the following years operating in [[Salt Lake Valley]] and the surrounding canyons.<ref name = Jenson/>
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  •"color:#0000FF">View of the Rome Temple from the Salerno's apartment in Rome, Italy, on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018. Photo: Kristin Murphy, [https://www. ...of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]], announced the building of a temple in Rome, Italy.
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  • ...Saints from the area must cross the U.S. border to attend the [[San Diego California Temple]]. ...]] in the city of Tijuana with nearby stakes located in the states of Baja California and Sonora.
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  • ...s. The history of so broad a movement cannot be adequately condensed, but in the pages that follow is an outline of Mormon history from 1820 to contempo ...[the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]]. [[Mormon missionaries|Missionaries]] go out and convert many. Persecution follows the Church.
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  • * [[Tom Holdman]]: Creator of stained glass, which appears in temples and buildings throughout the world. ...ilight" series ("Twilight", "New Moon", and "Eclipse"; next sequel due out in 2008.)
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  • ...influential and important historical figures not just in Mormon, but also in American history. He is called the "American Moses" because of his leadersh ...s a revolutionary war veteran. After marrying Abigail, John Young settled in Massachusetts. The family moved to Vermont shortly before Brigham Young was
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  • [[Mexico]] and among [[Spanish language|Spanish-speaking]] populations in the [[United States]] and [[Argentina]]. He also translated LDS Church mate ...Mexico|Mormon colony]] in the northern state of [[Chihuahua]]. Rey grew up in Mexico, learning to appreciate its history and people.
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  • [[image:Los angeles california temple.jpg|350px|right|alt=Los Angeles California Mormon Temple]] The [[Los Angeles California Temple]] is the 10th operating temple of [[The Church of Jesus Christ of La
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  • ...ick masonry walls faced with cut Portland limestone. The spire is sheathed in copper. ...e [[Book of Mormon]] [[Prophets|prophet]] to the temple’s 189-foot spire in 2008 as part of a Jubilee of Thanksgiving celebration to commemorate the te
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  • ...hey love their country and many devote several years of their life serving in the different branches of the Armed Forces protecting and preserving that w clean off Civil War-era headstones at The Union Burial Society Cemetery in Frankfort, Illinois.
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  • ...its completion in 1958, it was the first temple built by the Mormon Church in the Southern Hemisphere. ...belief. The Hamilton New Zealand Temple was built entirely by Church labor missionaries who volunteered all of their time. Local members supported these workers wi
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  • ...n body of [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]] was settling in [[Nauvoo]], Illinois, and its surrounding townships. ...drove a yoke of cattle on that trek until they reached [[Salt Lake City]] in October of 1848.
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