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  • [[image:Guatemala city mormon temple.jpg|frame|Guatemala City Mormon Temple]] The Guatemala City Guatemala Temple is the 32nd operating temple of [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latt
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  • ...mb|<div align="left"><span style="color:#0000FF">A rendering of the Cobán Guatemala Temple. ©2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.</span></d ...emala are the [[Guatemala City Guatemala Temple]] and the [[Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple]].
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  • a foreign language) to nine weeks in training before departing to serve in one of the Church’s 421 [[Mission|missions]] (number of missions as of De Mormon missionaries generally arrive at an MTC with a basic, foundational knowledge of religion
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  • [[Image:Holland_Africa.jpg|right|frame|alt=Mormon Apostle Elder Holland in Africa|Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, left, Elder Paul Koelliker, center, greet ...t the two nations. Elder Holland's Africa trip took him to seven countries in all, with the other stops on his itinerary being Ethiopia, Democratic Repub
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  • ...ed and modified. We sincerely hope the following articles will be helpful in learning about the Church. [[Life in Mortality]]&nbsp;·
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  • ...ntly, members in the area must travel to [[Guatemala City Guatemala Temple|Guatemala City]], to attend the nearest temple. ...stimony of the faith of the members because the Church is still very young in the area.
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  • the well-attended [[Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple]] (March 2013) to serve in the temple. ...sion, and Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission. Eleven of the stakes are organized in the metropolitan area of San Pedro Sula.
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  • ...of Latter-day Saints]] in preparation for the construction of a new temple in San Salvador, El Salvador. The temple was first announced on 7 November 200 ...the Roberto d’Aubuisson roundabout at El Espino and El Pedregal Streets in San Salvador. The sacred edifice is surrounded by attractive grounds that o
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  • During a conference held in December 2000, President [[Gordon B. Hinckley]] told over 4,500 members of ...crificed to attend the closest temple in [[Guatemala City Guatemala Temple|Guatemala]].
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  • '''In October 2012 [ Thomas S. Monson], prophet and pr [[Image:Mormon_Missionaries.jpg|300px|thumb|alt=Mormon missionaries|left]]
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  • ...a Rica Temple made it the first temple in Costa Rica and the second temple in Central America. ...of the temple in Costa Rica, members had to travel to the [[Guatemala City Guatemala Temple]]. The trip was expensive, costing many families twice their monthly
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  • ...ase as a General Authority, he served as president of the [[Guatemala City Guatemala Temple]] (2009–2012). He has also served as bishop, branch president, sta ...Colonies in Mexico. His maternal grandmother, Minnie Spencer, had settled in the colonies. His father was not a member of the Church while Mask was youn
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  • ...s; 30,506 [[ward]]s and [[branch]]es (congregations) currently functioning in 3,341 [[stake]]s (administrated groups of congregations). There are 36,172 |[ Canary Islands]
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  • Bolivia opened its doors to the LDS Church in 1963. Less than forty years later there are over 110,000 members across the ...t. She shared that during those visits she made the decision to be married in the temple. Years later she did.
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  • ...nical engineering degree in Bogota. He worked for Daimler-Benz in Germany, Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia. ...ded church for almost a year. They were baptized in 1988. They were sealed in the Frankfurt Germany Temple on June 13, 1989. They are the parents of thre
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