Stephanie Mabey: Mormon Musician

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Stephanie Mabey Mormon Musician

Stephanie Mabey is an alternative and indie rock singer and songwriter. She previously released three independent albums under the name Stephanie Smith.

Mabey composed the song “Glorious,” which is included in the film Meet the Mormons and sung by David Archuleta. It is from her Wake Up Dreaming album. The song was first heard on the final season of "Jersey Shore." She had not intended the song to have religious undertones but added “What matters to me is that people can take something from what I write. What that is doesn’t matter, and it can mean something different to everyone who hears it,” says Mabey. “David has a beautiful voice, and his delivery of the song is gorgeous.”[1]

She has since collaborated with Archuleta on other songs. In January 2015, she created a music video “’Til You Say So.” Her quirky single, “Zombie Song,” which she wrote for her brothers, went viral. Her lyric video on YouTube has over 7.5 million views. Her EP "I Still Taste Fire" was released in September 2016. Her song "Rise and Shine" on the "Overwatch" animated short got over 5 million views its first day.

She has been voted one of the top 15 artists in the West by Billboard Magazine in the Independent Music World Series. She's played many national venues including the House of Blues (Hollywood) & the Bitter End (New York). Her music has been featured by Nokia, AOL, and on the soundtrack for the independent film remake of "Pride and Prejudice" (by Excel Entertainment). Most of Mabey’s music ends up accompanying other media. “A lot of what I do has been based on TV and film placements or more in an online space,” she says.[2]

She lives in Utah with her daughter. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.