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I'm not sure we need this page anymore. With Category:Stubs and Special:Wantedpages, I think we have this covered better than a manually created list. In addition, several of these "Articles that need to be written" aren't ever linked. If we want them, we need to link them from another page first instead of having orphaned pages out there that were "needed". User:Tallred Aug 3, 2006

I believe the list can be useful for keeping track of the articles we need that are of higher priority. I'll take it up with my supervisor who I believe created the page. Amaranth 16:58, 4 August 2006 (MDT)

I did a little work on Covenants a few days ago. If it is sufficient (for now) then I guess it could be taken off. Someone please look it over when you get a chance? Dumbcomputer 01:49, 20 March 2008 (MDT)