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Some modification needs to be made of the content here. The "Land of Bountiful" portion is very clearly copied verbatim from this piece by Warren P. Aston. Perhaps this was done with permission, or perhaps he did it himself, but regardless, sitting in the Wiki, unattributed the way it is, with references made in the first person to personal research, is unacceptable. If this is included with permission, then at the very least, we should attribute the work, but if not, then we need to provide something more along the lines of an abstract with a link. If Warren himself contributed this, then perhaps it can be attributed, or otherwise modified for the Wiki medium, to refer to his research in the third person. Thos are my thoughts looking at the "Land of Bountiful" section. I suspect the other sections are simply copied wholesale as well. --Seanmcox 10:56, 26 July 2007 (MDT)