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Looking good! Since the person who searches MormonWiki is usually not a member of the Mormon Church, Mormon contributors are asked to explain at length concepts that might be new to the searcher. Also, Wiki articles are reporting on the beliefs and practices of The Church, and do so in journalistic style, which means using the third person. Instead of "we believe," it's "they believe."

Internal links take a bit of busy work, since caps and phrasing have to be exactly the same as the Wiki article referred to. The exact title of the article comes first, then a pipe (|), then the linked word. Look at this article and see the added internal links. When the link shows red, there's no article for the word on Wiki, and that means someone needs to write one. I'm adding angels, Gadianton robbers, and flood to the articles-needed list. Thanks so much, dumbcomputer for your good work!!Gboyd 15:48, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for the editing help, it looks good again. I have been trying to figure out the links, and I got the red vs blue distinction. I thought that simply adding the brackets around the word had been working since it usually ended up where I wanted it. I can understand using the "pipe" method when the linked word is not the exact same as the desired page, but should I be using the "pipe" on all links, even if they work standing alone in the brackets? Dumbcomputer 22:09, 21 March 2008 (UTC)