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Pixie -- I noticed you used em dashes in your article. I want to use them, but can't find a way to format them. Did you write your article using a word processor and then copy it to mormonwiki? Or did you insert your em dashes while writing right on the wiki site? Gale

It looks like, per the article's history, Dalman is responsible for the em dashes in the article. I can't say exactly how he put them in, but they can be inserted easily enough by entering: —
This text would be interpreted by your browser to appears as follows: —
This is not peculiar to wiki markup, but is rather a standard HTML special character markup, though it is little used. You can see exactly how someone got a special character or any other odd thing into their page by clicking on the "edit" tab and reviewing the wiki markup for the page.--Seanmcox 09:58, 11 December 2007 (MST)