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At this Christmas season and all year round, we wish to share the central message of Mormonism, that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, that He is our Savior and Redeemer. The atonement of Christ is the pivotal event in the history of mankind, and the pivotal event of all eternity.  Christ has provided for us universal resurrection.  He has provided salvation '''from''' our sins, but He will not save us '''in''' our sins. He invites us to repent, to come unto Him, and to keep His commandments.  In return, He offers us redemption and exaltation into His very presence, to become co-heirs with Him.
'''Church of Jesus Christ Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland—Good Things to Come:'''
Christmas is all about the Love of God.  He loves us so much, He sent us His only Son...
'''Late Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinckley&mdash;Lessons I Learned as a Boy:'''

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Church of Jesus Christ Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland—Good Things to Come:

Late Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinckley—Lessons I Learned as a Boy: